Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More offense as Yanks sign Gold glover 1B Teixiera!

This means more run support for CC. Also indicates that Jorge won't be moving to first anytime soon and I'm glad as he's a great battery mate and should be the guy assigned to work with CC and AJ. This move also leaves a strong possibility that Swisher could be trade bait!

I've always been a big fan of the 28 year-old switch hitting Gold Glover so I'm pumped! The Yankees swooped down and picked up Johnny Damon similarly in the 11th hour. What a knock to the Red Sox and I hope he has a monster season (I don't agree that he is overrated and I've got sick of hearing the Bo Sox media lament this again and again). Is this lineup going to be murderers row? Only if Posada, Hideki Matsui and Robinson Cano return to their healthy form. And it all starts at the top of the lineup. If Damon and Jeter can pick it up they'll be a catalyst. Thus far, we have exchanged Abreu+Giambi for Swisher+Teixeira so we saw an upgrade with both guys. If you ask me though, if this was going to be the big spending year why didn't we just keep Abreu and go all the way?

Giambi vs Teixeira

"From 2005 through 2008, Jason Giambi had 123 RCAA (Runs Created Above Average) and Mark Teixeira had 173 RCAA over the same time span... Basically, in terms of being a force they’re both about the same type of offensive player." - soxanddawgs.com.

It's a stretch to say they both are "about the same type of offensive player" based on one metric even if one were to build a case solely using numbers.

1) Teixeira is a clubhouse leader. The only influence which Giambi had in the dugout was cooling Rocket (by way of sharing his porn stash) when he was going for win # 300.
2) Giambi is in his 'twilight'. He may have some pop left but he also has too many holes in his swing and subsequently his average has been dipping (even the 'lip fur' campaign couldn't fully revive his numbers). Teixeira on the other hand is in his prime, pitchers will build him into their game plan, he has impressive on base percentage numbers and he can offer the protection which A-Rod needs.
3) Aside from the bat, Teix brings along Gold Glove defense. Giambi was a poor option at first base defensively.

Giambi and Teixeira are very different offensive players and this is a huge upgrade!

01/07/09 update: Very relevant article on how Giambi and Teixeira are polar opposites

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  1. Let's just hope he doesn't turn out to be another Jason Giambi.