Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bill James' projection

CC Sabathia, LHP
: 16-10, 3.48 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, 34 GS, 240 IP, 226 H, 70 BB, 205 K, 21 HR

Bill James projects that CC will log his 3rd consecutive season fo 240 IP (last pitcher to do this was the Big Unit from '98 thru '02). His other numbers are a little down but we'll take them with our lineup. I disagree with the wins being at 16. The last time the Yankees had a horse who went that many innings was in 1997 (Andy Pettitte) and this could give him strong Cy Young consideration.

Yankees are giving just under $100k per inning pitched for the big guy's service as it breaks out which is nearly two A-Rod at-bats (at just over $50k/AB)

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  1. Bill James' is a twat. With all the run support he's going to get with the yankees, CC will have at least 18 wins probably closer to 21. Pitching is also weaker in the AL (aces vs aces, since CC will face the #1 starter) if you don't include the yankees & red sox (big 3 can only count as 1). Peavy, Lincecum, Santana, Dempster, Webb are still in the NL. In the AL he will have Cliff Lee (unpredictable for 2009), Halladay (a yankee killer), and 1 of the big 3 from boston (Beckett, Lester, Dice-K). So most likely Cliff Lee has a mediocre year and CC only has trouble with Toronto and the Boston.