Monday, December 29, 2008

Bedard for Matsui?

Update: Just got word that this was an unsubstantiated rumor at this point in time

There is a developing rumor that the Mariners are talking about moving Erik Bedard (the oft-injured high strikeout lefty who is a free agent after 2009) for Hideki Matsui (himself coming off an injury and similarly a free agent after 2009). Peter Gammons has speculated about this move. If this pans out then this would solidify an already strong looking rotation next season. It would close the door on Pettitte's return and leave Phil Hughes out of the rotation. Erik Bedard had a strong 2007, going 13-5 with 221k in just 28 games. He has weathered the grind of the competitive AL East well and with the surplus of outfielders that the Yankees have I don't see the harm in giving up one of them in exchange for a wild card. The Mariners did not get what they were hoping for after trading 5 players for him and they dangled him before the trade deadline last season as well. It would probably help roster management issues for Girardi in making the lineups. I am not overly worried about bench depth if we lose one of the bats and gain a strong pitcher. At some point one of them will have to go (common speculation is Swisher will be trade bait) so why not make the move now and get a full season's worth out of the acquired player? He's only due $7 million and he's in a contract year so he will likely be anxious to rebound. Pitching is where we need the most help to guarantee a successful journey. If he gets hurt then we have Phil Hughes waiting in the dock as the insurance starter. I love the sound of it. Two lefties:

L (Sabathia)
R (AJ)
R (Wang)
R (Chamberlain)
L (Bedard)

I already believe the Yankees have the best rotation in the AL. Taking a #2 guy and moving him to the 5 hole will provide stability at a cheap price.

On a practical standpoint, I would even serve up Kennedy + Cabrera. The benefits still outweigh the costs and this is the year where we are moving ahead with a new confidence and to make a big splash. Let's go all the way.

What are your thoughts?



  1. I agree completely. Can't wait for them to start the year, ready and roaring to go at the new stadium. They're gonna kick some Red Sox butts, among all the others, heh! Go Yankees!!

  2. it's a fake rumor you used to get traffic from pete abraham's site to yours.