Friday, March 6, 2009

Game Action tonight...finally!

Excited to see 'Big Slim' will start his first game of the spring on Friday against Detroit at Big Stein field (First night game of the Spring infact). The beggining of an era indeed.

Still waiting to see the lineup for the Tigers. Over the last 3 year years, CC has struggled against Detroit (5.25 ERA) who he saw a lot (9 games). Molina will be his battery mate for the game.

On Monday CC had a tune-up and threw to hitters for the first time, throwing 2 simulated innings.

Sabathia threw 28 pitches, 19 that looked like strikes. He faced Cash three times and Matsui twice. The only hit was a single by Matsui

"Just get a feel for it. It was the first time throwing to guys without a screen up," Sabathia said. "It felt good...It usually takes a while for it to get right...I'll just keep working at it and hopefully it's ready for the season."
Sabathia located his fastball well but did not keep his cutter low enough in the strike zone. He talked that over with pitching coach Dave Eiland.

Other off-field updates: CC chums it up with other pitchers
-CC was spotted at a Magic game where he has been a regular, with Wang and Joba
-Lastly here's a pic of him riding the Toy Story Mania 3-D ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunday.